Finding Grace

Fast Fiction


The Sullivan children know how to keep their mouths shut. Isolated at a small summer resort, their survival depends on avoiding their father’s rage. Mom can’t help. She hasn’t been herself since Dad gave their baby sister away. If they can find Grace and bring her...   read more...

Dawn Renaud

Dawn Renaud grew up on an isolated ranch outside Lumby, BC, where some of her best friends were books. Sucked into the vortex of home computing back when a 40mb hard drive was considered impressive, she helped local business owners program their newfangled electronic cash registers. Gigs as a cellblock matron, teacher’s aide, and assistant literacy coordinator gave her plenty more fodder for fiction, as did the research for some two hundred magazine stories. 


A foray into self-publishing fiction proved a tough learning experience, and Dawn refocused her time on editorial work, coaching and non-fiction. A decade later, with an increasing number of clients asking for self-publishing assistance, she revisited the entrepreneurial and ever-changing business side of writing.


Today she’s a freelance editor, writer and writing coach, and the principal force behind d’Élan Publishing.

Rain Dance

Fast Fiction


Widowhood: Less messy than divorce.  Sounded great in theory, when Stan was staggering home drunk, again. Now the unshakable Constable John Harland is digging up all kinds of dirt. By the time a body surfaces he has three feasible motives, two conflicting confessions, one erratic witness ... read more...

Plotting for Success

Writing Reference


After thousands of hours assisting authors with writing, editing, coaching and book design, Renaud shares her experience and insights in one slim volume. Learn to create believable characters, understand POV and use it to your advantage, avoid writing into plot holes, use...   read more...

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