The Naples Prediction

Action / Thriller / Suspense


Millions of lives are at stake. The super-volcano lurking beneath the city of Naples is coming to life. When it erupts, it will destroy the city and devastate much of Europe. Politicians refuse to evacuate the area ... read more...

G. D. Matheson


Glenn Matheson was born Vancouver B.C. and raised on a remote Alberta horse ranch, where he completed high school by correspondence. Wanting to experience the world and work with people rather than horses, he left home in 1950 at age 17 to study railway station management and telegraphy with CNR. Studies in business management led to a career in the forest industry, where he retired as vice president of human resources for Weyerhauser Canada, the second-largest forest products company in the country at that time. He married, raised a family, and although his work had him travelling the world he was continually busy with projects: planning, building, renovating and exploring new technologies, and patenting a wood-inlay process using a laser engraver.


When his beloved wife became ill with Alzheimer’s in 2008, Glenn began writing while looking after her. It was a means of escaping into an alternate, more acceptable reality which he found therapeutic as they dealt with her tragic loss of all memory. Writing became his main interest, and he enjoyed researching his stories and trying to write them so others could experience what he imagined happening, as his characters lead him into their intriguing and timely adventures.


At 81, Glenn was fully engaged in the world and excited about the next phase of his life. He was working on his third book when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

The Dragonclaw Plot

Action / Thriller / Suspense


As the Middle East’s oil reserves run dry and widespread drought is devastating millions, the world’s superpowers are eying Canada. The country’s newly elected government is ill-prepared, headed up by a neophyte prime minister who is... read more...

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