Plotting for Success

Dawn Renaud


After thousands of hours assisting authors with writing, editing, coaching and book design, Dawn Renaud shares experience and insights in one slim volume.


Learn to

  • create more believable characters

  • understand point of view, and use it to your best advantage

  • avoid writing into plot holes

  • use tension to keep your reader engaged

  • identify and eliminate clutter, and

  • identify and correct grammar problems while preserving your own unique storytelling style.


Plus, find out how to

  • get the most bang for your editing buck

  • identify good design, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, and

  • save time and money while creating, producing and selling your novel.


Chock-full of pointers and tips, Plotting for Success is a handy reference for aspiring novelists—and for any writers who want to save time, money, and frustration while creating their next book.


Writing Reference

Print ISBN 978-0-9688583-8-7

Also available in ebook.

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