Blog Launch

September 12, 2014

This is a first: I’ve written a lot of stuff, but never a blog.


The site looks a little sparse right now, but bear with us. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding 

  • author interviews and updates on their latest projects (including any author events you may want to attend)

  • news about how our large-print and audio versions are coming along

  • information about upcoming titles

  • invitations to become beta readers

  • and more.


Let us know what you think. We’ll join you on social media soon; with a current staff of one (me) we (so that's the royal we) need to keep “our” ducks in a row, not bite of more than we can chew, and all those clichés we don’t allow in our books. Except in character dialogue, where they may be appropriate. But I digress...


We (and this time it’s the authors, too) hope you’ll pop in now and again. I can’t promise I’ll post often, but I do hope to keep it interesting.


Talk to you soon!

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