The Naples Prediction

G. D. Matheson


Millions of lives are at stake. The super-volcano lurking beneath the city of Naples is coming to life. When it erupts, it will destroy the city and devastate much of Europe.


Politicians refuse to evacuate the area, because scientists monitoring the volatile region for the past decade insist there’s no need for alarm.


The volcanologist responsible for the monitoring equipment was assassinated immediately after its installation, but her son survived. Now Jeff Kingston is relying on his dead mother’s research—and compelling data from a hacked website—to convince the authorities they’re wrong.


Anita Arniel’s family lives on a Naples military base. Unless evacuated, they will die. Dodging assassins, she and Jeff scramble to untangle a web of deceit. With enemies in high places, they risk everything on a dangerous mission that will impact the entire planet.


Action / Thriller / Suspense

320 pages (print) 

Now available from Canadian retailers and online.

Print ISBN 978-0-9688583-5-6

Also available in ebook.

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